Santa Davis
Santa was born Carlton Davis in Kingston, Jamaica. At age eleven he joined the St. Peter Claver Drum Corp in Kingston and set his sites on becoming a professional drummer. He joined the group Kofi Kali and the Graduates and later united with his childhood friend  George "Fully" Fullwood in the group Soul Syndicate (featuring top session players like  Tony Chin, Cleon Douglas, Scotty, Fully, Keith Sterling and Earl "Chinna" Smith). He first gained notoriety for his work on the song "Skeng-epp" by Rupee Edwards which was a number one hit in Jamaica and celebrated similar success in England. Recognized as one of the top reggae recording and live drummers in the world, he has toured with names like Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, Big Youth, The Wailers, Peter Tosh, Andrew Tosh, Wailing Souls, Ini Kamoze, Big Mountain, Michael Rose, and too many more too mention. As a studio drummer, his work has helped to shape what is still today the standard in Reggae Music. His recording credits include some of the most classic reggae tunes of all time. Songs like Africa Unite, Comin' In From The Cold, and Chant Down Babylon from the internationally acclaimed albums Survival and Uprising by reggae superstar Bob Marley. His credits also include most songs on the album Liberation by Bunny Wailer, Marcus Garvey and Tradition by Burning Spear, Love is Overdue and All I Have is Love by Gregory Isaacs, Money in My Pocket and West Bound Train by Dennis Brown, the Grammy nominated album All Over The World by Wailing Souls onSony Music, the classic Stalag 17 instrumental (used by many Jamaican DJ/Rappers), the entire albums Rastafari and Disarmament by Ras Michael, the Grammy nominated album Make Place For The Youth by Andrew Tosh and many more songs with well known artist like Big Youth, Abyssinians, Barrington Levy, Delroy Wilson, Mighty Diamonds, Michigan & Smiley, Horace Andy, Jacob Miller, Tony Tuff, Sugar Minot, Joe Higgs, Wailing Souls, Mutabaruka and Big Mountain to name a few.  As the original drummer for Roots Radics (with Errol "Flabba" Holt), Santa Davis was the first drummer to record at the legendary Channel One Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1981 Santa became Peter Tosh's official drummer, touring the globe extensively and performing on the internationally acclaimed albums Mama Africa and the Grammy winning album No Nuclear War for EMI. He later went on to be the official drummer for other groups like Back-N-Service (with Fabian Cooke, Michael Hyde and Stevie "TigerTone" Verhault ), Big Mountain (touring internationally and performing on their album Free Up and the group Caribbean Pulse.   However, Santa's experience as a musician is not limited to only reggae music.  He has recorded and jammed with major artists like Isaac Hayes, Carlos Santana, Chaka Khan , Pink ,Eddie Griffin,and Willie Nelson on his album "Countryman" in 2005.                              At present, Santa is  the official drummer for Ziggy Marley. Santa is undeniably a legend in Reggae Music's rich history and remains one of the hottest and most sought after drummers in the business, but if you ask him he'll tell you he's "just a link in the chain".
       In The Beginning Abyssinians - Arise [1978]Abyssinians - Forward [1969-76]African Brothers - Want Some Freedom [1970-78]African Brothers & King Tubby - The African Brothers Meets King Tubby In Dub [197X]Aggrovators - Dub Justice [1975-76]Aggrovators - Reggae Stones Dub [1976]Aggrovators & King Tubby's - Dub Jackpot [1974-76]Aggrovators & King Tubby & Bunny Lee - Bionic Dub [1975-77]Aggrovators & Revolutionaries - Rockers Almighty Dub [1979]Agrovators Meets The Revolutioners - Agrovators Meets The Revolutioners At Channel One Studios [1977]Al Campbell - Ain't That Loving You [1978]Al Campbell - Late Night Blues [1980]Al Campbell - Loving Moods Of Al Campbell [1978]Al Campbell - Working Man [1980]Augustus Clarke - Black Foundation Dub [1976]Augustus Pablo - Authentic Golden Melodies [1974-79]Augustus Pablo - Earth Rightful Ruler [1982]Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers Vol 2 [1989]B.B. Seaton - Dancing Shoes [1974]B.B. Seaton - I'm Aware Of Love [1979]Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy In Dub [1979]Barrington Levy - Englishman [1979]Barrington Levy - Hunter Man [1983]Barrington Levy - Place Too Dark [198X]Barry Brown - Showcase [1980]Barry Brown - Step It Up Youthman [1978]Big Youth - Live At Reggae Sunsplash [1984]Big Youth - Progress [1979]Big Youth - Reggae Gi Dem Dub [1978]Big Youth - Rock Holy [1980]Bim Sherman - Crucial Cuts Vol 2 [1979-84]Bim Sherman - Lovers Leap Showcase [1979]Black Sounds Uhro - Love Crisis [1977]Buro Banton - Buro [1983]Cedric Myton & Congos - Face The Music [1981]Clint Eastwood - Sex Education [1980]Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Two Bad D.J. [1981]Congo - Congo Ashanti [1979]Cornell Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich Farm [1975]Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption [1983]Cornell Campbell - My Destination [197X]Cornell Campbell - Stalowatt [1978]Cornell Campbell - What's Happening To Me [1982]Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel [1971]Delroy Williams - I Stand Black [1984]Delroy Wilson - For I And I [1975]Delroy Wilson - Hit After Hit After Hit [1984]Delroy Wilson - Nice Times [1983]Dennis Brown - Joseph's Coat Of Many Colours [1979]Dennis Brown - The Promised Land [1977-79]Derrick Morgan Featuring Hortense Ellis - Feel So Good [1975]Dillinger - Cup Of Tea [1980]Dillinger - Join The Queue [1983]Dillinger - Marijuana In My Brain [1979]Don Carlos - Inna Dub Style [1979-80]Don Carlos - Spread Out [1983]Earl Chinna Smith - Dub It [1983]Earl Chinna Smith - Sticky Fingers [1977]Earl Sixteen - Reggae Sound [1981]Earl Zero - Visions Of Love [1979]Earth & Stone - Kool Roots [1976-78]Errol Dunkley - Profile Of Errol Dunkley [1980]Flick Wilson - School Days [197X]Freddie McGregor - Come On Over [1983]Freddie McGregor - Rhythm So Nice [1983]Glen Brown & King Tubby - Termination Dub [1973-79]Glenmore Brown - Dub From The South East [1972-76]Gregory Isaacs - The Best Of Vol 2 [1981]Horace Andy - Pure Ranking [1979]Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free By 1983 [1978]Hugh Mundell - The Blessed Youth [1978-81]Hugh Mundell - Time And Place [1980]Hugh Mundell Featuring Lacksley Castell - Jah Fire [1980]I Roy - African Herbsman [1979]I Roy - Can't Conquer Rasta [1976]I Roy - Truths And Rights [1975]Jackie Edwards - 20 Greatest Hits [1975-77]Jackie Edwards - The Original "Mr. Cool Ruler" [1983]Jacob Miller - I'm Just A Dread [197X]Jah Frankie Jones - Satta An Praise Jah [1977]Jah Stitch - No Dread Can't Dead [1976]Jah Stitch - Original Ragga Muffin [1975-77]Jah Woosh & Sis Bee - Rebellion [1981]Jimmy Cliff - In Concert [1976]Jimmy Cliff - Special [1982]Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter 2 [1976]Joe Gibbs & Professionals Featuring Errol Thompson - No Bones For The Dogs [1974-79]John Holt - Super Star [1978]John Holt - Treasure Of Love [1977]Johnny Clarke - Dread Natty Congo [1977]Johnny Clarke - Originally Mr Clarke [1980]Johnny Clarke - Put It On [1975]Johnny Clarke - Rock With Me Baby [1975]Johnny Clarke - Rockers Time Now [1976]Johnny Clarke - Sings In Fine Style [1975]Johnny Clarke - Superstar Roots Disco Dub [1977]Johnny Osbourne - Folly Ranking [1980]Junior Byles - Jordan [1976]Junior Delgado - Bush Master Revolution [1982]Junior Delgado - More She Love It [1981]K.C. White - Try A Little Happiness [198X]Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom [1975]Keith Hudson & Various Artists - Shades Of Hudson [197X-8X]Keith Poppin - More Of Keith Poppin [1979]King Sounds - Come Zion Side Happiness [1979]King Tubby - African Love Dub [1974-79]King Tubby - Answer The Dub [197X]King Tubby - Dub Like Dirt [1975-77]King Tubby - Dub Mix Up [1975-79]King Tubby - King Tubby's Lost Treasures [1976]King Tubby - Majestic Dub [197X]King Tubby - The Roots Of Dub [1975]King Tubby & Errol Thompson - The Black Foundation In Dub [197X]King Tubby & Friends - Rod Of Correction Showcase [197X]King Tubby & Prince Jammy - Dub Gone 2 Crazy [1975-79]King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Freedom Sounds In Dub [1976-79]Knowledge - Judgement [1980]Knowledge - Straight Outta Trenchtown [1975-80]Leroy Sibbles - Now [1980]Leroy Smart - Leroy Smart & Friends [1976-78]Leroy Smart - Superstar [1977]Leslie Butler - Ja-Gan [1975]Linval Thompson - Cool Down [1974-76]Linval Thompson - Six Babylon [1979]Linval Thompson & Friends - Whip Them King Tubby [197X]Little John - Early Days [198X]Lone Ranger - M 16 [1982]Max Romeo - Crazy World Of Dub [197X]Max Romeo - Perilous Time [1974-1999]Max Romeo - Revelation Time [1975]Meditations - Guidance [1978]Michael Prophet - Consciousness [1979-80]Mighty Diamonds - Leaders Of Black Country [1983]Mighty Diamonds - Stand Up To Your Judgment [1978]Mikey Dread - African Anthem [1979]Mikey Dread - Dread At The Controls [1979]Morwells - Cool Runnings [1979]Morwells - Kingston 12 Toughie [1980]Nathan Skyers - Dem A Fight I [1983]Nicodemus Junior - Snakes And Ladders [1983]Niney The Observer - Observer Attack Dub [1969-76]Nuroy & Uroy - The Originator [1976]Owen Gray - Forward On The Scene [1975]Paragons - Now [1982]Paragons - Return [198X]Pat Kelly - Give Love A Try [1978]Pat Kelly - Lonely Man [1978]Peter Metro & Captain Sinbad With Little John - Sinbad & The Metric System [1983]Peter Ranking & General Lucky - Jah Standing Over Me [1982]Peter Tosh - Equal Rights [1977]Peter Tosh - Mama Africa [1983]Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War [1987]Phillip Frazer - Blood Of The Saint [1982]Prince Alla - Only Love Can Conquer [1976-79]Prince Alla - The Best Of Prince Alla [1981]Prince Alla & Junior Ross - I Can Hear The Children Singing [1976-79]Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter II [1979]Prince Far I - Health & Strength [1978-79]Prince Far I - Long Life [1978]Prince Jammy - Fatman vrs. Shaka In A Dub Conference [1980]Prince Jammy - Kamikazi Dub [1979]Ranking Dellinger - Superstar [1977]Ranking Joe - Saturday Night Jamdown Style [1980]Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - Disarmament [1981]Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - Rastafari [1975]Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - Revelation [1982]Ras Midas - Stand Up Wise Up [1984]Revolutionaries - Revolutionaries Sounds Vol 2 [1976]Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate - Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate In Dub [198X]Royals - Dubbing With The Royals [197X]Royals - Pick Up The Pieces [1977]Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings [1975]Sammy Dread - Early Days [198X]Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition [1976-79]Scientist - Dub Landing [1981]Scientist - Heavyweight Dub Champion [1980]Scientist - Scientific Dub [1978-80]Scientist - Scientist Meets The Space Invaders [1981]Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires[1981]Scientist & Prince Jammie - Dub Landing Vol: 2 [1982]Scientist v. Prince Jammy - Big Showdown [1980]Sly And The Revolutionaries With Jah Thomas - Black Ash Dub [1980]Sons Of Jah - Reggae Hit Showcase [1980]Sons Of Negus - Rastafari In Dub [1978]Soul Syndicate - Was, Is & Always [1980]Sugar Minott - African Girl [1981]Sugar Minott - Bitter Sweet [1979]Tappa Zukie - Deep Roots [197X]Tappa Zukie - Tapper Zukie In Dub [1976]Tapper Zukie - Blackman [1978]The Agrovators - Jammies In Lion Dub Style [1978]Tommy McCook & Aggravators - Brass Rockers [1975]Tommy McCook & Aggrovators - Cookin [1975]Tommy McCook & Aggrovators - Disco Rockers [1977]Tony Tuff - From Tony Tuff To Lovers Everywhere [198X]Tony Tuff - Presenting Mr Tuff [1981]Toyan - Toyan [1982]Travellers - Black Black Minds [1977]U Black - Westbound Thing A Swing [1977]Uniques - Showcase [1978]Various Artists - 17 North Parade [1972-75]Various Artists - Down Santic Way [1973-75]Various Artists - Java Java Dub [1972]Various Artists - King Jammy In Roots [197X-8X]Various Artists - King Of Dub [1977-79]Various Artists - Kingston All Stars Meet Downtown At King Tubbys [1972-75]Various Artists - Reggae All Star [1979]Various Artists - Roots Of Dance Hall [197X]Various Artists - Sound System Rockers [1969-75]Various Artists - Sufferation [197X]Various Artists - Treasure Isle In Dub [1970-78]Wailing Souls - Wailing [1981]Wailing Souls - Wailing Souls At Channel One [197X]Welton Irie - Ghettoman Corner [1977]Willy Williams - Messenger Man [1980]Willy Williams - Unity [1986]Winston Jarrett - Wise Man [1979]Winston Wright - Melody Of Love [1977]Yabby U - Jah Jah Way [1980]Yabby You - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom [1976]Yabby You - The Yabby You Collection [197X]Yabby You & King Tubby - King Tubby's Prophesy Of Dub [1976]Yabby You & Various Artists - Jesus Dread [1972-77]Yellowman - Them A Mad Over Me [1982]Yellowman & Fathead - Bad Boy Skanking [1982]
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